The ultimate guide to gin

It has been a huge resurgence in gin and cocktails in the last few years.

But what is gin?

The definition of gin states that it has to be juniper dominant flavored spirit. An agricultural origin and then bottled above thirty seven point five percent alcohol by volume.


Gin has a thousand years of history to it. It dates all the way back to 1050 A.D. to an Italian monastery, so it is Italian.

Gin wasn´t popularized until the 16th century in Belgium and Holland. It was here during the 30 Year War the term. The British soldiers would take a wee nip of the local Genève; give them a bit of courage to get out onto the battle fields. They brought it to England and shortened the name to just gin and claimed it as their own.


When I say botanical it stems from the word botany that basically means anything that has grown like a herb, root, spice, plant or even a nut.

But you have to have juniper in your glass to be a gin.

Some of the most common botanicals are lemon peel. It gives a wonderful bright fresh citrusy element to the gin. Other botanicals are Cassia bark, licorice root, angelica root and even grains of paradise and cubeb berries give a wonderful floral peppery spice.

So once you have harvested your botanicals that are going to go into the gin, you need them in a natural raw berry form. So you are going to dry them.

By bringing all of these botanicals together, it is what makes gin so versatile and mixable in a vast array of cocktails.

How gin is made?

There are two main types of gin. You have got cold compounded gins and you got distilled London dry gins.

Cold compound is basically the spirit mixed with some botanicals for a few days to infuse, add water and then you bottle it.

When you make a distilled gin you need to know something. Water boils off at 100º Celsius, but alcohol boils at about 20º lower at 78º Celsius. So if you have the alcohol and water together with the botanicals. You are going to heat that up and then you are going to hit the condenser and condense it back to a liquid.

We don´t want the first liters. We wait for the lovely bright fresh citrus note to come through.  It leads into piney notes, floral notes, rooty notes and then spicy notes. All of this is the heart of the gin. After about six hours or so, they will taste it every minute. Once they finish getting those spicy notes they will switch it over. That is the tails. It is the heart that we want right in the middle.

With a distilled gin you are allowed to add artificial flavoring after distillation but with the London dry gin you are not allowed to add anything like that at all.

Finally, they take that high strength botanical spirit adds water to it to dilute it down to bottling strength.

Put it in the bottle and it is ready for you to make your favorite gin cocktail.

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6 cleaning product combination to never mix

The goal of this article is preventing you from doing something stupid and committing one of these six cleaning products sins.

There are some cleaning products that you should never mix together. That could be absolutely devastating to the health of you and your family.

Bleach and vinegar

The first thing that you should never mix together is bleach and vinegar. Mixing bleach and vinegar creates chlorine gas which can cause serious damages to your skin, your eyes and when inhaled, your throat your lungs. We are talking about third-degree burn type damage.

Messing around with chlorine and mixing it together with anything is bad news. Did you know that when you mix diluted hydrochloric acid and chlorine together it creates mustard gas which was used in the World War One to kill people?

Drain cleaners

The second thing you should never mix together is different types of drain cleaners. They can actually cause an explosion.

Drain cleaners are very powerful formulas. If you mix them together… BOOM!!

Vinegar and backing soda

The third thing that you should never mix together is vinegar and baking soda. I see people recommended baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning solution.

The problem is vinegar is an acids and baking soda is a base. If you mix the two of them together they cancel each other. This creates an ineffective cleaning solution. Basically what you are left is salt water.

Bleach and ammonia

The next thing you should never mix together is bleach and ammonia. When you mix bleach and ammonia together you create chloramine gas.

If you breathe enough of this mix in, it can actually kill you.

Bleach and rubbing alcohol

The fifth thing you should never mix together is bleach and rubbing alcohol. These two mixes together is the recipe for chloroform. If you held enough chloroform it will kill you.

Chloroform is something you see on movies a lot when somebody put chloroform on a cloth and they sneak up behind someone. Then he takes the cloth and then just covers person´s breathing passages. Then it knocks them out. It is because on small amounts chloroform will actually knock you out. That happens because when you inhale it, it decreases the oxygen intake.

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

The last thing you should never mix together is hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. When you mix these two together you actually create something called parasitic axes which there is no sort of death or third-degree burns or anything like it. The problem of that it is very corrosive and can cause a lot of irritation to your skin, in your eyes, etc.


In conclusion, the point of this article is making sure that you don´t try to play home chemist. Actually just don´t mix cleaning products together. Use the cleaning products that are already mix for you and trust the professionals like in Africa Trading Group.

Deodorants for men: All you need to know

I want to start with most women opinions about men and sweat and body odor.

First sweat: unless it is excessive or you are just soaked everywhere, it is not going to be a deal breaker for most women. Just like men, women sweat too and it is a perfectly natural thing. What is a deal breaker is body odor. There is just no excuse for it.

The other that grosses women out is when a man has chunks of deodorant in his armpit hair. That is just gross!!

Do I need to change my deodorant?

If you have been using your deodorant for the last couple of year, then it is time to switch it out. Do you know that your armpits can actually became immune to the ingredients in your deodorant over time and become less effective?

If you do want to avoid having stinky or sweaty armpits, then it is best ideally to switch out your deodorant brand every six months.

Deodorant vs. antiperspirant

Let’s talk about deodorant and antiperspirants because there are definitely very strong opinions about the two.

·         Deodorants help prevent body odor which is cause by the bacterial breakdown of sweat. But it is not going to help you from sweating though. It is only going to prevent body odor.

·         Antiperspirants, on the other hand, stops your armpits from producing sweat, which is why people who sweat a lot, prefer this over deodorants.

Aluminum is the active ingredient which physically blocks your pores from producing sweat and there is where the controversy lies. There have been claims that aluminum may be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer. And just on top of all of that, aluminum mixed with sweat is what causes those yellow pit stains in your shirts. If you are not a heavy sweater, then please stick with deodorant over antiperspirants due to the health concerns.

Deodorant formats

Let’s compare the different formats that we can find deodorants: Gel, stick, roll-on and spray. In fact, it is all preference. Of course, there are going to be prons and cons to each one of them.

Gel goes on invisibly which is great. But it does leave that wet sticky feeling until it dries. Some men just don’t like that sensation.

Sticks go on dry and some say they can hold off body odor longer. But the biggest con is that they can leave crumbles or flakes in your armpit hair and they can leave marks white marks if you apply before you put your shirt on.

Roll-ons and sprays dry within seconds but they may dot provide the best coverage compare with gels or sticks.

Now you know everything that you need to choose the right product for you! And remember Africa Trading Group may help you with it.

How potato chips are done?

Potato chips are one of the most popular snacks of the world and West Africa. Many people believe that potato chips and cookies are the perfect choices whether you want a salty or sweet snack. But do you know how potato chips are done? Keep reading to learn the secrets!

The origin

It is said that chips were invented when someone sent back his fried potatoes complaining the slices were too thick. The insulted chef cut tem paper-thin and fried them to a crisp. So, pride and no necessity was the mother of potato chips.

Potato chips have since become the consummate snack food.

Cleaning a cutting the potato chips

They have to be made with fresh potatoes. No more than 24 hours old. Otherwise the chips will have black spots.

After a brushing machine removes the dirt, the potatoes travel along a water canal to the peeler. They tumble around and around against the peelers abrasive rollers until the skins come off.

Next they separate the potatoes by size. The small ones fall below to be rinsed. The larger ones stay on top to be cut. Then they fall down to the rinser too.

Next, the potatoes go through slicers. The slicer’s blades are adjustable. They can be set to different thickness or to different shapes to slice ripple chips for example. The centrifugal force created by the spinning throws the potatoes against the sharps blades. To make regular chips they cut slices very thin. An average potato will yield about 36 chips.

Finally, it is time to wash the potato slices. They spin inside a giant barrel of cold fresh water for about a minute.

Then like at the car wash the slices pass under air blower to dry up the excess water.

Frying the potatoes chips

The fryer contains oil boiling. It takes just three minutes to fry the potatoes slices into potato chips. As the chips exits the fryer on the conveyor belt, the excess oil drips off.

Next, they go through a shower of salt.

The chips then move on the sorter. An electronic camera identifies any chips that have browns spots or other defects. The camera then triggers the thin pipe directly above that bump chip to blow it off the conveyor belt with air pressure.

They spray the potatoes chips with powdered seasonings which simulate flavors such as barbecue or salt and vinegar.

Last step: packaging

The next machine separates and ways the portions to be packaged.

The chips drop into bags that are then heat seal.

It is taken about 15 minutes to go from raw potatoes to potatoes chips. A lot longer that it takes to eat them!

This article is provided by Africa Trading Group.

Top 5 – What are the best cookies?

In Africa Trading Group we love cookies! So we are taking a look to the most popular cookies. Some of them are homemade; others are available on your store. Just grab a glass of milk and let’s start with the ranking!

5. Black and white cookies

This union between chocolate and vanilla founded icing that is split in the middle. The abundance of contrasting taste blending together perfectly makes this cookie a star. It is especially great to share with others. You can split it vertically or horizontally.

4. Shortbread cookies

Shortbread maybe is not as visually appealing as other cookies. But what it lacks in presentation it more than compensates for it in the taste.

This cookie finds supreme yumminess in supreme simplicity. With the traditional recipe made from 1 part sugar, 2 part butter and 3 parts flour. If you really want to bring a little bit something extra to the table, a little chocolate frosting or pecans are always welcome.

Even at its bare bones, shortbread cookies are the ideal treat to serve in tea time.

3. Gingerbread cookies

Christmas time has inspired many delicious cookies. But none is more iconic than gingerbread. This cookie traces its origins back in the 10th century. Today it comes in many shapes, sizes and variety.

Whether it is a gingerbread man or a gingerbread house, the final products should be a colorful conjunction of ornamental candy and frosting.

The only thing more fun than eating a gingerbread village like a giant monster is building that Christmas town. It is maybe the one food that you can acceptably play with.

2. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

White chocolate macadamia nut is probably one of the most grown up cookies of the list. While you don´t see that many kids going crazy about this snack, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies demonstrates that cookies can also be marketed to adults. They are looking for something that is sweet and sophisticated.

The unlikely pairing of the two fundamental ingredients makes for a crispy, crunchy explosion of vanilla goodness. It is just the best company for a cup of coffee. It only makes it feel even more like an adult.

1. Chocolate Chips Cookies

When people think of cookies, chocolate chips is almost always the first flavor that came to mind. This classic encompasses all you may possibly want in a cookie. It never can go wrong with chocolate chips cookies. It doesn´t get much better than this. Unless maybe if you add some M&Ms on it too.

5 whisky drinking tips

What is your drink of choice? Your beverage of choice is telling a story about you. Whisky may be an acquired taste. But once you get it, delicious!!

You don´t get bloated like with beer and it is more enjoyable. That is why so many people only drink whisky. And as you know Africa Trading Group brings you the best whisky the West Africa.

1. Pick your whisky wisely

Whisky is a generic term referring to any beverage that is made from fermented grains mash. There are many kinds of whisky but generally they are broken down by regions. So you have American whisky (Bourbon), Irish whisky, Scotch whisky, Canadian whisky, etc.

Within the different categories you have a lot of different brands. Some of higher quality than another, some taste better than others… just explore! Figure it out what you love and find your signature whisky.

2. Know how to order your whisky

Whisky neat is just pouring your whisky in a glass and drinking it. It is the way the purest fan of whisky like to enjoy their beverage.

On the rocks is another option where you can have your whisky over ice. Rocks is a great option because the ice cubes will dilute the whisky slightly and cut out that burn.

The third option is adding a little bit of spring water. This is another way to dilute the whisky a little bit and enjoy a bit longer.

3. Know your age

With whisky you get with what you pay for. If you want something inexpensive it is not going to be very good. The longer it is actually age the better the quality it is going to be.

Another point is single versus blended whisky. The single whisky is a little stronger. Blended whisky is a little more chilled down and milder. Both are delicious!

4. Remember whisky is not just for special occasions

A lot of people think: I will have a whisky to celebrate this or that.

No! Have it whenever you want!

Maybe not for breakfast, but when you are looking for grabbing a drink, think on whisky.

5. Drink responsibly

Last but should be first. Always remember to drink responsibly. There is absolutely no reason why anybody should put anybody else lives in danger by drinking and driving. There are too many options: you have taxis, Uber, walk, friends, have a designated driver… No excuse!

Prior planning prevents drunk driving. Think about your night out in advance.

Now you know all you need to enjoy whisky even more!