5 whisky drinking tips

What is your drink of choice? Your beverage of choice is telling a story about you. Whisky may be an acquired taste. But once you get it, delicious!!

You don´t get bloated like with beer and it is more enjoyable. That is why so many people only drink whisky. And as you know Africa Trading Group brings you the best whisky the West Africa.

1. Pick your whisky wisely

Whisky is a generic term referring to any beverage that is made from fermented grains mash. There are many kinds of whisky but generally they are broken down by regions. So you have American whisky (Bourbon), Irish whisky, Scotch whisky, Canadian whisky, etc.

Within the different categories you have a lot of different brands. Some of higher quality than another, some taste better than others… just explore! Figure it out what you love and find your signature whisky.

2. Know how to order your whisky

Whisky neat is just pouring your whisky in a glass and drinking it. It is the way the purest fan of whisky like to enjoy their beverage.

On the rocks is another option where you can have your whisky over ice. Rocks is a great option because the ice cubes will dilute the whisky slightly and cut out that burn.

The third option is adding a little bit of spring water. This is another way to dilute the whisky a little bit and enjoy a bit longer.

3. Know your age

With whisky you get with what you pay for. If you want something inexpensive it is not going to be very good. The longer it is actually age the better the quality it is going to be.

Another point is single versus blended whisky. The single whisky is a little stronger. Blended whisky is a little more chilled down and milder. Both are delicious!

4. Remember whisky is not just for special occasions

A lot of people think: I will have a whisky to celebrate this or that.

No! Have it whenever you want!

Maybe not for breakfast, but when you are looking for grabbing a drink, think on whisky.

5. Drink responsibly

Last but should be first. Always remember to drink responsibly. There is absolutely no reason why anybody should put anybody else lives in danger by drinking and driving. There are too many options: you have taxis, Uber, walk, friends, have a designated driver… No excuse!

Prior planning prevents drunk driving. Think about your night out in advance.

Now you know all you need to enjoy whisky even more!

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