Africa Trading Group

Motivated by the large supply needs identified in most African countries, our group was established in the year 2006.
Our market studies indicated that, in most cases, local distributors in each country had great difficulty accessing the quality products that their customers demanded. Africa Trading Group seized the opportunity and created our own distribution company based solely on imported goods from Europe and the United States.

Thanks to this distribution, of premium goods, Africa Trading Group quickly became known in our markets and, soon after, emerged the first opportunities of collaboration with key local distributors in each country. Our partnership with these crucial local distributors has become our main line of business, aiding us in the process of introducing and positioning new products.

Africa Trading Group has become a benchmark in our markets, for imported products (as Africa Trading Group is already present in a diversity of sectors, such as: food and beverages, personal hygiene, fragrances, cosmetics and hair care). Our strategic alliances, with wholesalers in these market segments, has positioned us among the leading importing companies in Africa.

Distribution sectors


Africa Trading Group is specialized in the distribution of Premium spirits, such as cognacs, champagnes and whiskies.

Our main clients, in this sector, are Embassies, Diplomats, Governments, Military and luxury hotels.

This is a very important business sector for us. Hence, Africa Trading Group is continuously growing and expanding our product catalogue. This way the upper class, of each country, is able to obtain the high quality goods that, until now, were simply not available in Africa.

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Contrary to popular opinion, this is a sector with grand potential in Africa. In every country one is able to find beauty shops offering high quality perfumes and cosmetics.

Slowly, but steadily, Africa Trading Group has contacted these beauty shop chains in order to create a market for ourselves (one that, today, is quite significant for our company).

At present, Africa Trading Group distributes all the main cosmetic and perfume brands, in over 1,000 points of sale.

Hair Care

Africa Trading Group has focused our efforts on the sale of professional hair care products.

Africa Trading Group works closely with the top educators and education centers in Africa. Carefully, we’ve selected the best hair salons, in each country, and have shown them to use our products in the treatments that they offer their clients. The results have been better than we ever expected, making this one of the principal commercial segments of our company.

This success has allowed us to expand our product catalogue resulting in Africa Trading Group continuously representing more and more brands in the African territory.

Household Products

The majority of the household products that we represent are sold throughout supermarkets.

Our primary sales are comprised of razor blades, batteries, tissues and laundry detergents.

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages make up our leading sector, attracting the majority of our clients to our company. Our principal clientele are supermarkets.

Africa Trading Group has an ample array of products, mainly of mass consumption, within this market segment; i.e. chocolates, cookies, juices, soft drinks, potato chips, etc.

Our Marketplace

“Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent…Last decade real income per person increased more than 30%…GDP is expected to rise an average of 6% yearly, over the next decade… Foreign Direct Investment: $46 billion in 2012… African trade with China increased from $11 billion to $146 billion…Financial crisis 2007-08: African growth rates did not dip as much as those elsewhere because domestic demand held up.”
The Economist, March 2013

“No other continent has developed as rapidly in the last decade as Africa, where real economic growth was between 5 and 10 percent annually. In oil-rich countries, such as Angola, it was a possibly record-breaking 22.6 percent in 2007. A World Bank study shows that 17 of the 50 national economies currently displaying the greatest economic progress are in Africa. The gross domestic product of the continent as a whole — over $1.7 trillion (€1.3 trillion) — is nearly equal to that of Russia.”
Spiegel International, November 2013

“Economic growth in sub-Sahara Africa is forecast to accelerate to 5.2 percent this year driven by increasing investment to…develop infrastructure, the World Bank said. Gross domestic product rose 4.7 percent in 2013, the Washington-based bank said today… citing Africa Pulse, a twice-yearly study it publishes. The outlook compares with a forecast in the October edition of Africa Pulse of 5.3 percent in 2014 from 4.9 percent last year. The region attracted foreign direct investment worth a “near-record” $43 billion last year, up 16 percent from a year earlier, fueled by oil and gas discoveries in nations including Angola, Mozambique and Tanzania, the bank said.”
Bloomberg, April 2014

When Africa Trading Group first ventured into the distribution business in Africa, in 2006, our distribution network primarily aimed at supplying the large needs of West Africa.
Today, Africa Trading Group is proud to say that our distribution territory has grown to encompass the majority of the African continent.



The main distribution hub or warehouse of Africa Trading Group is located at Tanger Med Port, Africa’s largest and newest port. The safety and professionalism found at Tanger Med enables us to deliver our products within the time limits and without the delays that often result when using other African ports.
All of our orders are consolidated, from Tanger Med, and grouped for subsequent delivery to the various countries in our distribution territory.

Zone Franche Logistique de Ksar Al Majaz
Port Tanger Med
Tanger (Morocco)
Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Seychelles:

Africa Trading Group

Office 10, 2nd Floor
Eden Plaza, Eden Island
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