Top 5 – What are the best cookies?

In Africa Trading Group we love cookies! So we are taking a look to the most popular cookies. Some of them are homemade; others are available on your store. Just grab a glass of milk and let’s start with the ranking!

5. Black and white cookies

This union between chocolate and vanilla founded icing that is split in the middle. The abundance of contrasting taste blending together perfectly makes this cookie a star. It is especially great to share with others. You can split it vertically or horizontally.

4. Shortbread cookies

Shortbread maybe is not as visually appealing as other cookies. But what it lacks in presentation it more than compensates for it in the taste.

This cookie finds supreme yumminess in supreme simplicity. With the traditional recipe made from 1 part sugar, 2 part butter and 3 parts flour. If you really want to bring a little bit something extra to the table, a little chocolate frosting or pecans are always welcome.

Even at its bare bones, shortbread cookies are the ideal treat to serve in tea time.

3. Gingerbread cookies

Christmas time has inspired many delicious cookies. But none is more iconic than gingerbread. This cookie traces its origins back in the 10th century. Today it comes in many shapes, sizes and variety.

Whether it is a gingerbread man or a gingerbread house, the final products should be a colorful conjunction of ornamental candy and frosting.

The only thing more fun than eating a gingerbread village like a giant monster is building that Christmas town. It is maybe the one food that you can acceptably play with.

2. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

White chocolate macadamia nut is probably one of the most grown up cookies of the list. While you don´t see that many kids going crazy about this snack, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies demonstrates that cookies can also be marketed to adults. They are looking for something that is sweet and sophisticated.

The unlikely pairing of the two fundamental ingredients makes for a crispy, crunchy explosion of vanilla goodness. It is just the best company for a cup of coffee. It only makes it feel even more like an adult.

1. Chocolate Chips Cookies

When people think of cookies, chocolate chips is almost always the first flavor that came to mind. This classic encompasses all you may possibly want in a cookie. It never can go wrong with chocolate chips cookies. It doesn´t get much better than this. Unless maybe if you add some M&Ms on it too.

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